Brooke Runnette


So you have a big, world-changing idea—great! But how can you actually make the change happen? Demonstrably, durably, and soon?

I started Change Agency Collective to put my decades of experience and particular set of skills for making things happen into service for what the world needs now: Removing obstacles and ensuring that the world’s most ambitious game-changers can accelerate their work to help create a thriving future faster. I help people with audacious globe-shifting ideas move them into clear visions and bold strategies with detailed plans for execution, amplification, and scaling. And do whatever it takes to get them there. 

I’ve taken every opportunity to elevate and unleash bold changemakers in my 30+ year career in roles ranging from being executive vice president of a nonprofit with a billion-dollar endowment, studio president overseeing development and production for every platform from iPhone to IMAX, business leader responsible for a $50mm P&L and a triple bottom line, a chief program officer, a chief content officer, a brand manager, board director, turnaround specialist, grant maker, den mother for Explorers, storyteller, journalist, educator, comedy producer, and Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker at organizations including Emerson Collective, the National Geographic Society, Discovery Communications, Shark Week, ABC News, CBS News, 60 Minutes, PBS, Frontline, Nightline, Girl Rising, and more. 

My insight after decades of working with audacious people in all these roles is that changemakers are talent, no less creative than any other kind of artist, and just as responsive to specialized attention and encouragement—itʻs just that their canvas is the planet, their medium is change.


Alice Keating


I move big ideas to big outcomes, and help organizations and people hone their visions, strategies, and operations to get there. I create sustainable pathways that support the work of creators and innovators by forging trusting relationships between these visionaries and partnering institutions and funders. Over the course of a 20-year career at National Geographic, I secured and developed major commercial partnerships and influencer campaigns with top brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, HSBC, and American Express, while managing the personal brands of leading NG storytellers. I also ran the business development and operations of one of the world’s most significant visual collections, creating the road map to move more than 60 million assets dating back to the late 1800s onto a modern digital platform.

Beth Foster

Beth Foster


I am a “fixer” who can see how a project fits into a bigger picture and position all of the pieces to ensure success, drawing on more than 25 years of experience working at the intersection of nonprofits, science, and media.

Across various roles at global companies and nonprofits, including The Walt Disney Company, National Geographic, Conservation International, and Discovery Communications, I have led media relations, crisis communications, digital and social content, content strategy, brand extensions, and video production. I love helping people refine big ideas into actionable strategies that engage stakeholders, tying together project milestones, communications goals, and changemaker voice. From forging media partnerships for field-based nonprofits to helping scientists tell their story on stages and in the media to developing board and funder communications materials, I am most inspired when I empower people with tools and opportunities to amplify their vision and create scalable impact.